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Things to do with kids in the evening , Paarl

Affordable things to do with kids in the evening…

My in-laws came over for the weekend ,living only 400 km’s away meant they decided to drive the Friday afternoon only to arrive around 7pm the Friday night. My kids are usually in a great routine but as I have learnt in the past, the excitement of granny coming over can change my little miss sunshine into a bluemoon.

So I had to come up with things to do with kids in Cape Town, and to top it all – affordable things to do with kids in the evening since it was also middle of the month! Though I hardly ever read junkmail my eye caught the Taalmonument full moon picnics advert. I have been there before during day time and found it really affordable and scenic. The bonus being that going to the Taalmonument in Paarl  is also educational for kids and adults as it does not actually only represent Afrikaans but a wide variety of languages spoken in South Africa.

I asked my husband to put together a quick picnic on his way home, consisting of paninis, gourmet cheeses,cold cuts and some wine of course. We packed some blankets and extra warm clothes – only because the pamphlet said so!

So as predicted at 6.30pm, the usual bath and bed  time , we drove off to Paarl. I would have expected my little ones to fall asleep as it was about 30minutes drive with the soothing sounds of the car engine on the highway, but nevertheless, the “are we there yet?” questions kept rolling in and the flowers she bought her granny was hugged tight against her chest for the whole drive…and the walk up the mountain… and the stairs.

We were surprised to see how popular the picnics were and glad to see the reserve also offers a guided tour for newcomers or those who wanted to refresh their knowledge.

We arrived just in time to enjoy the last few minutes before the sun set – a photographers dream. We had a little talk about geography , the sun and moon and as we turned around we saw GRANNY!! It was as if I could hear my two year olds sigh of relief, knowing that granny was here safe and she can now relax, and play her heart out at once. (did I mention the flowers? :)

We were probably just lucky but the weather was awesome and as we ate away , about forty minutes later the moon rose up behind the mountains in all its glory. What a blessing to witness this with my family and my kids.

Though my kids are both under three , the older children also had a blast with the kids play park, lots of space to play touchies and kick a ball. As the sun set the creative ones had neon glow sticks tied around their hands and ankles, some performing their own neon dances and moves.

With Full bellies, exited yet satisfied kids we left the monument- ever so glad we packed our warm tops as it did get rather chilly outside.

My tips if you were to take on a full moon picnic with the kids:

Yes, pack your warm gear.

Bring a ball, hoola hoop- what ever your kid enjoys doing outdoors

Entertain your kids by packing some glow in the dark items, a torch or glow sticks (I will give you the affiliate link HERE , but you should be able to get it from your local toy store)

Make sure the moon will rise in time for your little ones to see it (you can get the info from accuweather).

Pack your own picnic or order one from the coffee shop at the monument.

Bring enough picnic blankets

Take the tour- you will probably learn something

Take your camera and…

Some good wine! You are in Cape Town after all :)

After our visit we decided to sponsor some give aways for the Taalmonument evenings. Go to our WIN page to see if we have a competition running and to our EVENTS page to see when the next picnic is.