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Muddie Buddies makes playing outside even better, especially when it rains


Muddie Buddies, Water proof clothing for boys and girls

Growing up in the Karoo rain was a scarce thing and come the day it rains we all we filled with joy , celebrating the blessing, that is until it was raining a second day in a row and we had to stay inside in order not to get sick…Rainraingo away, Come again another day ; Little Buddy wants to play! 

If only we had Muddie Buddies back then, it would have been a totally different story. Living in Cape Town we also really can not afford to keep our kids inside whenever its cold, wet or muddy. This  mom will totally go momster!

So in 2014 we came across these awesome kids clothing. Muddie buddies makes muddy playgrounds your buddy indeed. It arrives in a little red bag , closed with an adjustable toggle. Like opening a Christmas gift the excitement boils over and the contents never fails to amaze. ….. Children know, when you take out that little red bag, there sure is fun to follow!

Muddie buddies offer a wide range of kids clothing for rainy days. It was designed by a  Cape Town mom and mom entrepreneur.  My favourite garment is the “Crawler”, to be used by babies 6-12 months and 12-18  months, as it covers their feet, the elastic keeps the feet in the “sock’ and another elastic keeps the pants tight fitting at the waist. If you have “tiny waist” kids like I do, muddie buddies also has an extra band to pull in for a snug fit. This is the ideal raingear for babies.

Muddie buddies have also designed a waterproof dungaree, waterproof Jaket, jumpsuit or onesie and smogs. So not only is it ideal for wet weather, but also on windy days as a windbreaker or creative days to protect children’s clothes from paint and play.

The muddie buddies web site has a great size chart for boys and girls, so you can easily order your kids clothing online. Come rain or shine, the fun will find you!