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Make Money in Your Spare Time

Define Mompreneur

Moms on the move, earn money from your laptop, without leaving your home.

Being a mom means taking care not only of yourself but also one or more extra breath in the house. Though some of us are fortunate enough not to need to know how to make extra money, many of us have to either plan for our kids future or just buy an extra pair of shoes. Well perhaps you want some extra money to give to an underprivileged family. Whatever the reason may be, it seems that money makes the world go round and we will discuss some ways to make your world spin in the right direction.

As with any properly planned job, the more effort you put into it the better your results will be. So before you start thinking BLING, plan how much time you are willing to spend on this extra income and what you have available in terms of time , effort, information and technology.

The following are suggestions on what you can consider, some are single efforts and some may be great if you have a long term plan. For example, if you earn R25 per sale per month it may seem like a little , but if you see it in the long run as a recurring R25 it means after a year that R25 will be R300 coming into your account with no extra effort. It is called passive income. Most often passive income starts with active effort. Let’s say you worked actively on selling 30 recurring memberships per month , you will earn R25 * 30 = R750 if you repeat that every month you will still earn R750 actively and by moth two R750 passively .: R1 500. By month 12 you can earn R750 actively, and R750 * 11 (months of selling 30 per month) = R8 250 passively. In the ideal world if everyone kept their subscriptions and you kept on selling 30 a month it means that by end of year two your passive income will be R16 500 plus R750 active income. Though this is oversimplified, it gives you an idea of how far a “small” commission of R25 can go. (See the table below for more information.)

This is called affiliate marketing. When you sign up for an affiliate program you get a code with which you sell products and then earn money from that. You do not need to worry about creating or sourcing a product or service, you can make money from home by telling people you know about products and services that will really help them.

Five affiliates worth looking at:

  • affiliate system - If you have a blog or a niche website, you can sell products that fit your category by becoming a affiliate. And they sell nearly everything. They pay 2 - 6% commission on direct product links. Go to eTrader for more information.
  • Sa Mommy affiliate program. Here you earn a whopping 25% commission on sales and recurring sales – a passive income thus. SA Mommy aims at empowering momtrepreneurs and your target market is pregnancy, to moms with 0- 12 year olds. Go to 

    to sign up as an affiliate and start marketing. This marketing can be done via your FACEBOOK page, blog, phone, door to door- whatever works for you.

  • Hiring bounty - make sure you follow the steps given on the website if you have a friend in the IT or Marketing world who needs a job. This can be an active effort or simple referral of a friend, and you can earn big bucks once off e.g. R5 000 but no recurring income.
  • Broadband - RSAweb affiliates earn money by signing up customers with RSAweb. They bill and support that customer once they have been approved. All Affiliate Partner services receive annuity commission, enabling you to build up a stronger monthly annuity income as your customer base grows. You will have to be a registered business or registered sole proprietor. Go to
  • Paytel - Becoming a Paytel affiliate entitles you to a profit share that their customers bring to the company. Customers sign up for a Paytel 083 number for any business. Paytel will divert the new Paytel Number to any landline of the customer’s choice. Upon answering the phone the customer will start earning 34c per minute and you make 50%. If you were thinking of still getting a mommy business number, consider getting one from paytel and earn money as people phone you. Go to to try it out for free for 30 days!

SA Mommy Example

  Active Effort Passive Income Total Monthly Income

Month 1

750 0 750
Month 2 750 750 1500
Month 3 750 1500 2250
Month 4 750 2250 3000
Month 5 750 3000 3750
Month 6 750 3750 4500
Month 7 750 4500 5250
Month 8 750 5250 6000
Month 9 750 6000 6750
Month 10 750 6750 7500
Month 11 750 7500 8250
Month 12 750 8250 9000
Month 13 750 9000 9750
Month 14 750 9750 10500
Month 15 750 10500 11250
Month 16 750 11250 12000
Month 17 750 12000 12750
Month 18 750 12750 13500
Month 19 750 13500 14250
Month 20 750 14250 15000
Month 21 750 15000 15750
Month 22 750 15750 16500
Month 23 750 16500 17250
Month 24 750 17250 18000


Paytel Example

Number of customers Earnings per month
1 Customer per week R720 pm

1 Customer per day

R5400 pm
3 Customers per day R16200 pm
5 Customers per day R27000 pm
10 Customers per day R54000 pm


You can obviously combine the five affiliate programs... need I say more? Act today to become your own boss, mommy, wife, neighbour...

Sa Mommy example