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Benefits of drama for kids




Buzz – Drama, Dance and Singing is a revolutionary new children’s development platform that is taking the edutainment industry by storm in South Africa.


Developed over several years by actress, teacher and child whisperer Hanneke Rauch, the fun-filled program successfully builds confidence and creativity in children through schools programmes, workshops and private parties.  


Unlike any other programme in the country and developed over a number of years, Buzz sessions are custom designed to develop children’s confidence, boost their social skills and offer them a platform to express their individuality.  The programme is aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 9.


Hanneke trained as an actor at The University of Cape Town and graduated with a degree in Theatre and Performance in 2005.  After University she became involved with children’s theatre projects, Theatre-in-Education programs and HIV/Aids workshops with children from disadvantaged communities. In 2007 and 2008 she worked as the Foundation Phase Drama Teacher at Crawford Preparatory, Sandton, Johannesburg.  It was during the years she spent in London, UK, from 2009 to 2012 that she worked for Perform – an internationally renowned Drama School for children. Hanneke has taken these best practices from her years of experience to launch Buzz two years ago.  She is ecstatic about the success that Buzz has been generating, “Our mission is to ensure children develop crucial skills for success in life - develop confidence, boost social skills, be creative, get Buzzing! Our work in schools answers to the new curriculum's demands for creative learning through character play and brings learning alive like never before”, she says.


Interactive Drama, Dance and Singing sessions see children engaged in improvised play led by talented trained actor-teachers. These sessions provide a range of benefits both physical as well as psychological – always aiming to ensure children perform at the peak of their abilities.  


Revolutionising the way children interact with both each other and themselves, Buzz has taken some of the introverted and socially challenged children and brought out their confidence and creativity.  Play as a form of learning has been significantly recognized as a vital part of a child’s developmental stage by leading global Education experts.  

Australian Education Minister Peter Garrett was quoted as saying, “Learning subject areas like music and drama inspire creativity, encourages young people to think critically, helps develop their sense of identity ad can provide great benefits for learning in other core areas.”


What does a Buzz workshop entail?


Move, shake jump!

Workshops begin with a high energy warm up of funky music as children are enjoy a variety of physical games promoting co-ordination, posture and focus.  This section concludes with theme-based choreography taught in a dynamic and animated style.



Laugh, listen, speak!

The dance section of the workshop is followed by the calmer singing section where vocal projection and eye contact feed into the development of confidence.  These aims are woven into circle games that always leave children roaring with laughter.  Children are taught original Buzz compositions in a fun and friendly style.



Stories, characters, adventure!

As children are led through a magical dramatic adventure this section is often the highlight of the Buzz workshop.  All children take part in the story as it unfolds through improvisation and creative play.  Your child will leave the session literally buzzing with creativity.


Buzz has regularly scheduled workshops in various Johannesburg suburbs where children can build relationships with new friends as well as teachers outside the school environment. Additionally Buzz works within a number of schools as an integral part of the curriculum.  Buzz also regularly hosts workshops in disadvantaged communities where children rarely get to engage in this kind of creative educational play.


Buzz also offers private parties, bringing the Buzz experience into the home of the child and elevating the fun at any child’s themed interactive birthday adventure.


Development through fun and creativity is the key to all the Buzz experiences and parents have been extremely satisfied with the positive changes and development in their children.



“The workshop was AMAZING. Kara was wonderful with the children - such energy and I even picked up some hints.  What I found really interesting was one or two of the really busy and noisy children didn't have time to be disruptive.  On the other hand, the quieter, shy children quickly warmed up and loved the lesson.  We definitely need more drama in our curriculum”. - Linda Bresgi, Pre-Primary Principal, Dainfern College


“I can recommend Buzz to any person, company, school or organisation with the knowledge and confidence that they will speak to the hearts of people”. - Anroux Marais, Member of Parliament    


“Your engagement with the children was like nothing I had ever seen!” –Felicity Dempster, Principal, The Parks Pre-Primary  



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