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Babe Bee

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Babe Bee is the brain child of Brigitte Philogene, who is excited to bring you new and exciting products that you never knew you needed but just wont be able to live with out!In August 2013 Brigitte had a baby boy and all things baby took over her life!All of a sudden she realised that while she thought she only knew about shoes she now was learning fast about babies, and like shoes, there was a whole lot of things that she wished she had but just couldn’t get in SA..... and so Babe Bee was born.Babe Bee has become renowned for the No Escape Belt which stops toddlers from climbing out their car seats, Breastfeeding infinity scarves which allow moms to have a trend scarf which doubles as a discreet breastfeeding cover and their latest product Toilet Targets which teach little boys how to aim when going to the toilet.Other products from Babe Bee:- Sandpit Coats- Wet Bags- Milk Me Nursing Reminder Tags- No Drop Strap- Nappy Wrap - Bottle Bibs- Wooden Bunny Ring Teethers- Belsey Wooden Teether with Keep Close strap- Taggy Dummy Clips- Nappy Wraps- Newborn Snuggle Cocoon- Puzzle Balls- Summer Blankets- Blossoms, sandals for baby girls- No Wee on Me teepees for moms of little boys - Comfy Crawler knee padsBabe Bee posts or couriers all over South Africa


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